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Thread: OC at the Hoadly Road IHOP

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    I went out for a late breakfast with the wife yesterday at the Hoadly Road IHOP. I took off my winter coat after we were seated (IHOP doesn't serve alcohol so CC was okay), and shortly after that 4 Virginia State Police came in for a meal.

    I went to the restroom and passed them each way, first time with just my extra magazine nearest them, then on the way back they got a good look at my Taurus PT1911 in its Blackhawk SERPA holster. No comments, no wide-eyed looks, only good food and GREAT service.

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    That's been my experience with VSP. Heck that's been my experience with most police and sheriff agencies both here and in Arizona.

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    Regularly eat breakfast at IHOP next door to VSP Hdqtrs. in Richmond. Frequently exchange nods with officers but never experienced any negative vibs.

    Staff always courteous and attentive too.

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    That's good to hear about our men in blue.

    Although I will never patronize an IHOP** as long as I live, it's good to know they support OC.

    (** several TERRIBLE service and food-quality experiences years ago)
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