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Thread: Bob McDonnell resigns as Attorney General, has "confidence" in Bill Mims to become the nex

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    Attorney General McDonnell resigning to run for governor

    Attorney General Bob McDonnell is resigning as attorney generalto focus on his gubernatorial campaign.

    "For more than three years I have had the privilege of working with you here at the office of the attorney general. It has been the highest professional honor of my life. Together we have accomplished much and have provided excellent legal services to the citizens and government of Virginia," McDonnell wrote in an e-mail obtained by The Virginian-Pilot.

    "I am now beginning in earnest my campaign for governor of Virginia. To ensure that Virginia's citizens have the full-time attorney general they deserve I am, in keeping with Virginia political tradition, resigning as attorney general effective February 20th. I have every confidence that our terrific Chief Deputy, Bill Mims, will be appointed to serve as the next attorney general of Virginia."

    McDonnell's spokesman, J. Tucker Martin, confirmed the e-mail’s authenticity but declined further comment. McDonnellis holding a press conference at 11 a.m.

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    Congratulations to Bob McDonnell for doing the right thing - resigning before looking for another job - unlike our part-time governor who accepts a new position and continues in the other.

    I wis Bob McDonnell all success. Mims bother me a lot though.

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