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Thread: OC last 2 days...

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    Went to McLendon Hardware yesterday evening carrying Kimber Tac. Custom II in a SERPA, spent about 10 minutes in the nuts and screws section but couldn't find what I needed. Happy to say nothing happened.

    This afternoon after work I stopped by Rainier Arms in Kent to pick up an H buffer for my M4 and a front sight tool. Love those guys, they didn't bat an eye. After leaving there I went over to the Dept. of Licensing office over on West Valley Hwy in downtown Kent to pick up my wife's truck tabs. Stood in line for 6 or 7 minutes, lots of people coming in after me. Lady behind the counter asked me if I was back on leave, I wear a set of dogtags with my emergency contact info and I have VERY short hair. I told her I'm not military but have been mistaken like that before. She was very pleasant, but never said anything about my gun. I saw on my way out that most of the people in line behind me had noticed my gun, and I could see a couple raised eyebrows but nothing was said.

    Just another Non-issue OC day...
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    Sounds like an enjoyable day!
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    This is how it should be everyday!

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