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Thread: Firearms Bills Pending Action in the Arizona Legislature

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    Firearms Bills Pending Action in the Arizona Legislature Friday, February 06, 2009 The following pro-gun bills have been introduced into the Arizona State Legislature. Due to a budget crisis, these bills have not yet been assigned to committees, however, we encourage our members to get an early start and call their legislators in support of the following bills.
    House Bill 2174, sponsored by State Representative Frank Antenori (R-30), allows people with Right-to-Carry permits to carry a firearm on a game refuge.
    Senate Bill 1113, sponsored by State Senator Jack Harper (R-04), and House Bill 2171, sponsored by State Representative Frank Antenori (R-30), both allow a person who has a valid Right-to-Carry permit to carry a firearm into restaurants where alcohol may be served and is not otherwise prohibited by posting provisions. Though dealing with the same issue, these two bills are very different and the NRA will be watching them closely. During the 2005 legislative session, similar restaurant carry legislation passed through the Arizona State Legislature, only to be vetoed on the desk of former Governor Janet Napolitano (D).
    Please contact your State Representative and State Senator TODAY and respectfully urge them to support these bills. Kindly tell them these bills are critical to our Second Amendment rights and that you would like their support for HB2174, HB2420, and SB113. Please call TODAY!
    Two anti-gun bills are also pending committee assignments in the legislature.
    House Bill 2386, sponsored by State Representative Edward Ableser (D-17), prohibits possession of a “deadly weapon”, including a firearm, at colleges or universities.
    Senate Bill 1004, sponsored by State Senator Jim Waring (R-07), makes it illegal to possess a vehicle with a secret compartment. This is very dangerous to firearm owners as the compartment has to be designed to hide contents from law enforcement, but the intent can be inferred from a firearm being contained in this compartment. There is no grandfather clause for vehicles that people currently already possess. This law blames the tool rather than the user.
    Please contact your State Representative and State Senator and urge them to oppose HB2386 and SB1004!

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    SB 1004 is poorly worded. There's many vehicles manufactured with tool areas 'n such under carpeting (SUV's in particular) that can be used for an unlawful purpose... but the original intent of the design is not.

    E.For the purposes of this section, "false or secret compartment" means any enclosure that is integrated into or attached to a motor vehicle and that is intended and designed to be used to conceal, hide or prevent discovery by law enforcement officers of the enclosure or its contents. END_STATUTE

    I realize there's a lott'a 'smugglermobiles' but the wording of this should indicate 'other than OEM' by definition.

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    It's my understanding the following Bill is before the current legislature. You might want to take a peek at it.
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