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Thread: Clueless ninny speaks his mind on allowing carry on campus

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    Re: John Clarke's Dec. 23 article "Gun Control:"

    OAS_AD('ArticleFlex_1'); Clarke states that our attitudes toward guns have changed from the past and that the changes in our negative feelings toward guns haven't made us safer. I wonder if there are any verifiable facts that actually support such an assertion.
    Clarke's use of the shooting at Life Springs Church as a reason to allow people to carry guns on school campuses doesn't relate. Because it was an undercover security guard that shot and killed the "nutcase" and not armed parishioners brandishing weapons, I fail to see the connection. Colorado State University officials don't want armed students on campus. Do you really blame them? After all, most of them can't even drink responsibly, but you want them armed?
    Clarke assures us that the sheriff and "other law enforcement officials" monitor exactly who gets guns and who doesn't. I notice that Clarke carefully avoided the Virginia Tech shooting where a "nutcase" was able to legally get high-capacity weapons to kill those students. So much for those "Law Enforcement Officials" keeping us safe from legal gun owners. The truth is that in many of the shootings we read about it's usually someone who was able to obtain firearms legally.
    Trying to twist the statements of the Mahatma in an effort to imply that Gandhi wanted more weapons is just beyond belief.
    Following Clarke's logic, society would be safer if everyone was armed and ready to gun down possible criminals.
    No thanks.
    Alan Hayashi,
    Some how this guy thinks person going to college == drunkard... wtf?
    Gays are prominent members of firearm rights, we do more via the courts, don't like it? Leave.
    Religious bigots against same sex marriage are not different than white supremacists.
    I expel anti-gay people off my teams. Tolerance is key to team cohesion and team building.

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    "Following Clarke's logic, society would be safer if everyone was armed"

    Yep! That's it.

    Yata hey
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