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Thread: Carrying the right holster for the right situation

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    Well to start off I have 2 holsters already, 1 cheap unclemikes nylon or whatever fabric that is, that I carry in the woods with me, it has a crappy strap but the main thing I need to worry about in the woods is keeping my gun in the holster till I need to use it. I also have a uncle mikes kydex holsterno strap or button, just take her out real fast, I carry that around my house and property, since I am not worried about my gun being taken out of my holster, I call it my assault holster. Well now I may be looking to get a general open carry holster for in public if I decide to carry out in public like at a store or such. I have a glock 22 and I would like a quality holster with retention for open carrying in areas such as stores. Also I want to learn more about tactical training but I am limited on money, are there escersises I can utalize for open carry, I am 19 and the gun range by my house only allows those 21 and older to shoot pistols so I have to go up north to shoot. Also sorry for starting another thread on holster selection, I have read the others to see if they would help, they did but not enough to make me confident in any decision yet.


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    When I CC, its normally in a leather, open top speed holster with simple friction retention.

    When I OC, its normally in a leather thumb retention or Serpa style button retention holster, and it has to be fixed to my belt by loop or multiple teeth that cant be pulled off me without tearing my pants first.

    When at home, or other private location, I just use my open top leather.

    When around kids in a private setting, same as at home, only without a round in the chamber.

    I mostly like De-Santis or Galco pancake styles for a cheap and functional leather holster, but custom leather is good to if I have the money.

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