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Thread: Holster for FiveSeven w/ streamlight?

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    Hey I am looking for a retention holster for my FiveSeven with a TLR-2 attatched. There are only two I can find, one an open top paddle holster and the other has a button strap, but doesn't look very strong. I prefer paddle holsters. Any recomendations?



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    Tell me if you find one. I want to carry a five-seven as a main carry pistol, but am unable to find a decent holster. Right now I use a safariland level II for an XD .45 and will be using a level III for my new glock 21.

    I'd rather carry a five-seven... I'd love sarfariland to make a level III holster.


    You know, thinking about it the only decent holster I can think of might be a leg drop holster when not going for the standard secure retention belt holster.
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    You looking for OC or CC holster for this gun?
    For normal carry or for hiking and outdoor activities?

    Not sure I would wear a FiveSeven for an everyday carry simply because of the funky, unintuitive index finger safety that you either have to train hard around or keep off at all times.

    I carry a FiveSeven (with a Sig Sauer STL-900L) for hiking and outdoorsy type stuff in a Wilderness Tactical Products, "Safepacker Holster".

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