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Thread: Seeking volunteers for VCDL table at Fredericksburg gun show

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    The Fredericksburg Gun Show is being held concurrently with the Fredericksburg Outdoor Sportsman Show this weekend (Feb 20-22). It's a best of both worlds setup -- exhibit and vendors geared towards hunting, fishing, and camping with a gun show next door all for one admission price.The show hours are Friday 1PM to 8PM, Saturday 10AM to 6PM, and Sunday 10AM to 5PM.

    With its Friday hours, the show is 50% longer than a normal Fredericksburg show. I need volunteers to help man the VCDL table at the show. I especially need volunteers for the Saturday and Sunday afternoon but I'll gladly accept all help. The time slots are:
    Friday -- 1PM to 5PM and 5PM to 8PM
    Saturday -- 10AM to 2PM and 2PM to 6PM
    Sunday -- 10AM to 1:30PM and 1:30PM to 5PM
    If you able to work the table, please send an email to .


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    Just spoke with Tess who is working the Fred VCDL table. She has informed me to tell y'all that the outdoor show is two separate events, the "outdoor stuff" and the "gun stuff". You may carry into the guns sales area as long as you are unloaded, but the "outdoor sales section has signs saying NO GUNS at all.

    Just an FYI...

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    Thanks to NSL for posting for me.

    I stopped at the entrance to the Outdoors show (for those who don't know, the Fredericksburg Expo Center has two main halls that are connected by a garage-sized door; the gun show was in one side and the outdoor show in the other) to ask who the promoter was for the outdoor show. An individual standing there said "we are" and when I asked "who's 'WE'" he said "the expo center".

    At that same time, a Fredericskburg officer asked me why I didn't just go put the gun in the car, so I took the opportunity to inform him I don't disarm just to get in to a show; it's not worth my rights. I also told the "promoter" representative that I vote with my pocketbook, and that over the next year we'll be in the market for a truck and possibly for an RV.

    I'm so very tired of hearing "insurance regulations". In this case, the two shows ARE IN THE VERY SAME BUILDING! and open to each other!!!
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