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Thread: !! TX - Rep Riddle Says NO to Open Carry Bill!!

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    She supports it..... but apparently you can support it, and still not sponsor the bill.

    If your Rep replied to you and said "ummmmI support it but Riddle is going to introduce it" get back on them.

    RE: Open Carry Support‏

    Jon English ( on behalf of District150 Riddle

    Sun 2/22/09 5:32 PM

    Dear Mr. ,

    Thank you so much for the e-mail. I know this is a very frustrating situation. I would like to make sure you are aware that it is not a crime if you accidentally have your shirt pull up or your jacket blow out and expose a weapon that was intentionally concealed. I know people quote some exceptional situations where a law enforcement officer may not have been properly informed, but the law does not punish you for accidentally exposing an otherwise concealed weapon. <comment- well thats a lie>

    It is true that Rep. Riddle is unlikely to file the bill this session. It is not a matter of having "too many" Second Amendment bills, but rather the way those different bills are perceived. Open Carry has soured the attitudes of many members towards other Second Amendment bills and caused a lot of confusion. More than that, this confusion is diverting resources away from not only other Second Amendment bills, but our entire legislative portfolio right now. Because Texans currently have a resource that allows you to exercise Second Amendment rights in CHLs, these other bills have to take a priority. It is just simply a fact that Open Carry has made other bills more difficult to pass, and Rep. Riddle doesn't want that to continue.

    You're absolutely right that there is a time and a place to file a bill just because it's the right thing to do, but when she sees right in front of her that there would be negative consequences towards other issues she believes in, it does not seem like this is that time or that place. However, it would be fantastic if everyone who supports Open Carry would support other issues that are before the legislature we can all agree on, such as your right to have a gun in your car at work or students rights to carry concealed handguns on campus.

    These political realities constantly frustrate Rep. Riddle and us as staff on a daily basis. No one more vocally opposes "politics" as usual than Rep. Riddle. She authored the Castle Doctrine and has always been the first to stand up for your Second Amendment rights. It is with those rights in mind that she believes pushing Open Carry would cause more harm than good. We want to come out of this session with more rights, not equal or less.

    I really appreciate you taking the time to so thoroughly outline your concerns, Please always feel free to contact us with any additional questions or concerns on this or any other issue. Our door is always open to you!


    Jon English

    Chief of Staff

    State Representative Debbie Riddle

    phone: (512)-463-0572

    fax: (512-463-1908

    P.O. Box 2910

    Austin, TX 78768-2910


    Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2009 12:56 PM
    To: District150 Riddle
    Subject: Open Carry Support

    Representative Riddle:

    I have been watching the momentum of the open carry movement for almost a year now. I heard about it in passing and decided to research it. I was stunned when I learned that Texas was one of the only states that disallowed the practice. I received my concealed license as soon as I was old enough and was disturbed when I learned that the simple act of letting your shirt pull up and exposing the bottom of a gun is a crime.

    Rumors of your dwindling support for the open carry bill you are drafting have me highly concerned. The logic and necessity of the bill is unquestioned and I know that you understand that. I will not lecture you on why this is a good bill. I do not agree with the logic that too many pro-gun bills could sour the chance of some passing. I believe just the opposite in fact. The more pro-freedom bills that are offered, the better chance we have of passing some of them.

    Striking down an existing law is traditionally one of the hardest things to do in lawmaking. I don't ask that you submit this bill because it could help with other gun bills or create a wave of support. I ask that you submit this bill simply because it is the right thing to do. Protecting the God given rights of the people is the single purpose of government.

    I cannot accept the argument that a bill which unquestionably returns a right to the people is unfit to be introduced to the floor simply because of the legislative climate.

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    She makes a good point,

    but Kinda sour eitherway though.

    It does sound like they are indeed intune with whats going on in the 2A community.

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    Please excuse me for butting in here being so new but this issue is very important to me as a Texan and as a US citizen and I have an opinion on this subject.

    Sounds to me like there isn't much "organized support" on behalf of theOpen Carry proposition as far as Ihave seen so far. (If there is an organized effort then disregard this post and kindly point mein the direction where that effort is going on.)Not much heat is being brought to bear on this issue else this legislators tune would be verydifferent.

    Get an organized effort pushing this issue and the legislators would start to come around and seek toline up behind the proposition to push, push and keep pushing to get it passed. Legislators tend to work for who ever can apply the most heat and or pressure as they want to get elected or re-elected, plain and simple.I happen to believe that if it doesn't have this kind of support by now it is likely too late toget something passed. But it is NOT too late to start a grassroots organized effort, to be ready next sessionto get a bill hashed out and thenwritten,introduced, sponsored by a high profile legislatorand obtain ,many otherco-sponsors next time around.

    All though I'm new here I'm willing to set down with anyone around here who would like to meet anddiscuss this issue at our leisure and see ifthere is any or evenenough support to possibly start working on a effort for the rest of this session to get our concerns before the elected legislators this session, to identify potential supporters in Austin and elsewhereand be ready to hit the ground running in 2011. If there is support I'll leave my email address here and we'll see what develops.

    Ron - SE Texas and very pro 2nd Amendment

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