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Thread: Battling over Ballistics: Guns Owners vs. Obama VIDEO Charleston TV4

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    For firearm aficionado’s the gun and knife show in Ladson is handgun heaven.

    "This event right here, it basically gives us a chance to look at everything available on the market,” Adam Zoucha said as he looked for a gun. There’s everything from pistols to rifles and just about anything in between. The spiked interest, some say fear that getting their hands on guns like these may get much tougher.

    "Obama is known as a gun banner period. He wants no American to own guns," said Tom Hodge a member of the Grassroots Gun Rights of SC.

    Despite statements on the contrary, worry of President Obama enacting stricter guns laws has many shoppers stocking up while they still can. .

    "If you thought you couldn't get one tomorrow or the next day or the next day you would buy one today," said Frankie Joyner said. He owns a gun shop north of Florence Joyner says he's seen his gun sales shoot up 25 percent since November 4th, the same day Barack Obama was elected president.

    Gun rights activists, keeping the focus on the 2nd amendment, standing firmly behind the idea of guns as means of self-protection and sport. "We're portrayed as the scum of American by tree huggers and soccer moms the people that are blatantly anti-gun we're portrayed as bad people but we're from every walk form and fashion of life," Hodge said.

    Gun owners, hoping to keep their arms and the right to bear them.
    Perhaps someone can imbed the video.

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    Gun rights activists, keeping the focus on the 2nd amendment, standing firmly behind the idea of guns as means of self-protection and sport.
    Therein lies the meat of the problem. Neither of those two things is the reason for the second amendment, yet they are pandered to the masses as the reason it exists.

    Until the real reason is made evident (soon, hopefully) the talking heads will continue to miseducate and misrepresent just to keep semi-automatic handguns available for purchase.

    Let me tell you, we're going to need a heap-load more than pocket pea-shooters to evict the tyranny entrenched in the government of this country.

    I am glad that the people have opened their eyes and are wondering what might be going on behind the curtain in the palace of Oz, but they still believe the wizard for the most part. Where is Toto when you need him? We've got a LOT of scarecrows, cowardly lions and tin men out there that need REAL hearts, brains and courage, not this false security of "guns for self-protection and sport."
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