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Thread: Losing a weapon

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    I recently listened to the audio portion of the last Board of Firearms and Permits hearing regarding the Maresca case. Mr. Maresca had his weapon stolen from him while he was paying for his purchase at a store. Even though his weapon was returned to him within a short amount of time and before police arrived to investigate, he was still subjected to revocation of his pistol permit. I have come across a Hartford Courant article from 4/9/2002 which you should find very interesting. Lieutenant Colonel Edward Lynch, who at the time was the second highest ranking member of the State Police, left his gun and badge on top of his car and drove away. A newspaper carrier found the gun and badge just down the street from Lynch's house and turned it into Troop L. Lieutenant Colonel Lynch continued to serve in his assignment and was promoted to the rank of Colonel and Commander of the State Police retiring in 2006.This article includes the statement, "The state police union said others have made the same mistake and have received only verbal counseling in most cases. If a trooper and not a lieutenant colonel had made this mistake, we wouldn't be reading about it in the newspaper."

    Why does the Commissioner continue to revoke the Pistol permits of citizens for the same mistakes that Troopers make? Shouldn't Troopers be held to an even higher standard?

    Please find the attached article in pdf format.

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    Shouldn't Troopers be held to an even higher standard?
    They certainly should... But they look after each other, while they continue to look for excuses to deny usour rights any way they can...

    BTW, stories like this one, are good fodder for a hearing should one ever be needed for similar circumstances.

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