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Thread: OCing in Oregon

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    HiI am new to this site and new to oc.I am aware of the cities that have restrictions on ocing, my question is what is the law on oc in Oregon. When does it become cc? What is the law on ocing in your vehicle also? Any help here would be great. If this is posted already please direct me to the Oregon topic. Thankyou.

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    You can find some info regarding open car carry on this thread.

    Might want to post your question in the Oregon forum. It is a good question though. Usually I'm either 100% one way or the other. But if you have a OR permit, it really doesn''t matter.


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    There are two types of OC in Oregon, the type done with a CHL and the type done without. has all the information and links you need to learn what is and is not allowed by law, and the Oregon forum's one and only sticky will give you the list of locations that you must have a CHL to carry loaded.

    As for the prominence of OC in Oregon... its not common, but it also wont send people screaming through the streets.

    My personal suggestion on the matter, if you plan to OC in Oregon, you should have a CHL for your own protection from "accidents" and "misunderstandings".

    Basically, with a CHL, Oregon Law, much like Washington Law, makes no distinction between the two. Without, you better be very careful and aware of how and where you choose carry. Sooner or later, you WILL have a LEO confront you.

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