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Thread: Two Californias - former Legislator wants to cut off 13 liberal coastal counties

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    For those too lazy to click:

    Feb 26, 2009 7:41 am US/Pacific

    Former State Lawmaker Wants To Split California Says Governing Two Californias Would Be Easier


    A former state legislator is reviving the old debate that two Californias are more easily governed than one.

    Conservative Republican Bill Maze is harnessing the ire of San Joaquin Valley farmers and others as he stumps for splitting the 13 coastal counties stretching from Los Angeles to Marin from California's other 45. To that end, he is selling sponsorships in his nonprofit California Farming Industries.

    Maze, who termed out of the Assembly last year, said he wants to put the question to the state's voters.

    Californians have been faced with the issue 27 times, most recently in the early 1990s. Most efforts make good talk-show fodder, but don't go far.
    While I very much doubt this will ever happen, I thought it would be an interesting topic to discuss.

    Imagine the state is split - East California and West California. West California has all the socialism, fascism, beautiful beaches, arts, and entertainment. East California has all the food crops, beautiful mountains, liberty, and the guns.

    It has long been my opinion that the socialist programs of our state are largely reliant on the state's capitalist enterprises - most of those being inland and having to do with food production, packaging, and distribution. So, what would the effect be if we seperated the two?

    Currently, the communists in this state have pretty effectively spread the misery out equally. This change would put an end to that, so they would get to keep all their socialism. Many of the leeches in the east counties would flee toward the flow of blood in the west counties. An equal number of people - the people being leeched upon - would be lured to the east counties to enjoy the free-er enterprise environment. This would quickly lead to economic collapse in West California.

    At the same time, W. CA would enact a complete gun ban, while E. CA would repeal a lot of the silly laws already on the books. Violent crime and theft would increase exponentially in W CA where the victims are disarmed and staked to the ground by oppressive government. E CA would enjoy plummeting crime statistics, as people would be better armed and less restricted in self defense.

    I would predict total collapse of the government of West CA within 5 years - and that's a generous estimate.

    Free trade, liberty, and the ability to exercise self defense would allow E CA to return to state it used to be.
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    Reminds me of the civil war; north vs south. it was fought for more than just slavery, there were industial wars as well. Wonder if they would build a wall like Berlin had.

    Interesting subject but i seriously doubt it will go anywhere. the current 42Billion debt; would that be split between the two new states? I cant see that going very well either.

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    Notice how LA is the southern end. San Diego for state capitol, anyone?

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