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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Two Great Pro-gun Amendments In The Senate--
But Harry Reid stands in our way!

Thank you for all your activism so far!

Senator John Ensign of Nevada offered his amendment to
repeal D.C.'s draconian gun ban today.

But Senators John Thune of South Dakota and David Vitter of
Louisiana have also stepped up to the plate. They filed an
amendment that would result in REAL national concealed
carry reciprocity -- without adversely affecting no-permit
states like Alaska and Vermont.

So now the battle lines are drawn! By the end of the week,
the Senate will vote on whether to rule these two pro-gun
amendments out of order.

The vote could come on a so-called "cloture" motion to cut
off debate (and thus kill the Ensign and Thune/Vitter
amendments). Moreover, if the underlying bill is then
passed, the virulently anti-gun jurisdiction of the
District of Columbia will be rewarded with a voting member
of the House of Representatives.

But first, a little background on the two amendments:

You've all heard of the various "microstamping" proposals
crafted by the anti-gunners to ban guns and ammunition

The anti-gunners would do this by serial number
"microstamping" requirements which are so onerous that guns
(or ammunition) would become prohibitively expensive in all
50 states.

In the wake of the Heller case, the District of Columbia's
reaction to the Supreme Court's decision declaring its gun
laws unconstitutional was to pass legislation which will,
as a practical matter, continue its current policy of
denying gun licenses to its citizens. But, to add insult
to injury, it added a whole bunch of additional anti-gun

One was a requirement that most guns used for self-defense
be capable of "microstamping" a cartridge with a unique
serial number. Aside from being useless for identifying
any criminal who pockets his spent brass, this provision
would, even if it were technologically possible, make guns
so expensive that no one would buy them.

If a few more liberal jurisdictions follow suit, this could
start a chain reaction so that gun manufacturers will
eventually be forced to manufacture ALL guns to meet the
new microstamping standards.

The Ensign amendment would completely repeal D.C.'s gun ban
and, in the process, help stave off the push for

Next, the Thune/Vitter amendment on concealed carry
reciprocity is an idea whose time has come. Why should your
right to self-defense stop at the state line?

But it must be the right kind of national reciprocity. It
must protect states like Alaska and Vermont which do not
require a permit to carry concealed at all and it must be
done in a Constitutional manner that protects State's

The Thune/Vitter amendment would do these things -- it is
REAL national reciprocity.

But the problem is this: Nevada Senator Harry Reid has
moved to cut off debate on the D.C. bill -- using a
parliamentary maneuver known as a "cloture" petition -- for
the sole purpose of ruling such pro-gun amendments out of

You see, Barack Obama and the liberals who run Congress
hate guns. They hate guns so much that they would probably
be willing to kill the District's voting representative in
order to preserve the District's gun ban.

The next two days are crucial. While there will be votes
in the Senate throughout the day on Thursday -- which may
include either of the two pro-gun amendments -- it is
likely that the true focus will be on Friday's cloture

ACTION: Contact your two Senators and urge them to vote
AGAINST cloture on S. 160 until the Senate has had an
opportunity to vote for all pro-gun amendments. As usual,
you can use the Gun Owners Legislative Action Center at to send your Senators the
pre-written message below.

----- Pre-written letter -----

Dear Senator:

I urge you in the strongest terms to vote against cloture
on S. 160 until senators have had an opportunity to vote on
pro-gun amendments, such as those offered by Senators
Ensign and Thune.

The issue is not whether to give D.C. a voting
representative. The issue is whether to impose a "gag
rule" on those who oppose the District's efforts to use its
draconian gun laws to undermine gun rights in other states.

Cloture -- invoked for the cynical purpose of protecting
D.C.'s anti-gun laws and to silence other pro-gun voices --
is not a vote on D.C. representation. It is a vote against
the Second Amendment.

Please let me know you do not favor silencing pro-gun
voices. Please do not vote for cloture until those voices
are heard.

And once debate is allowed to continue, I ask that you vote
in favor of the Ensign amendment to repeal the District's
gun ban, as well as the Thune amendment for national
concealed carry reciprocity.


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