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    Ran the printer dry of ink and out of paper the other day. So a trip to wally world was in order. Since it was just me I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to try OC out. My wife still won't be seen with me carrying. Not giving up yet though! So I stopped in at Wal Mart in Hickory about 11pm. Kind of a sketchy crowd that time of night sometimes. Just to make it fun I picked the door that the security guard always hangs out at. Figured if I was going to do it I'd do it right.Had to pump myself up a bit before strapping the holster on and going in. He was just inside the door with the greeter. They both caught a look atthe gun, hard to miss the 45 in a soft nylon holster at 2:00. Exchanged how ya doins and went to shopping. Picked up a bday card for the wife, some paper, and an ink cartridge. I think only one person in the store shopping noticed. Went to self checkout to avoid the line. Talked to the guy there about the assault weapons ban and put him on the right track for where to get his concealed carry. I'm feeling pretty good at this point so I stop and talk to the guard. He motions me outside with the head nod. Conversation starts like this.

    Me- See many people carrying in here?

    SO- No, you LEO


    SO- you gotta CCP

    me- no, NC's an open carry state, you can OC anywhere you can CC. BTW I'm getting a really funny look after 2 no's.

    SO- really? I just finished my CCP class......

    For the record though I undoubtedly look a lot like LEO, 6'1", athletic build (well kinda), short crew cut hair, and mustache. Maybe that will be a plus!

    We talked for a bit about CC and OC and off I went. Spent as much time talking to the 2 employees as I did shopping. Just doing my part for 2nd Amm. education!:celebrate Told him to check out this site, wonder if he'll read this?

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    and yet another successful first time OC story!

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