Heard about this place last night from a fellow NY'er so the wife and I went for breakfast. Excellent NY style bagels, sandwiches, cookies....the food was delicious.

As I went to refill my coffee, I passed the owner sitting at a table talking to a customer. He asked if I was a police officer and we got to talking. I told him aboujt our training business. He's very pro-gun and said that when he moved here from NY, the first thing he did was go to the gun show, buy a .357 and get his CHP. We chatted for a good while about my Glock, New York and good local eating. He turned me onto a NY style pizza place that he highly recommended.

If you are looking for an OC/CC friendly place to grab breakfast, give this guy a try. As I said, he's pro 2A. He said that he and his sons even carry at work when making deliveries. They even have free wi-fi. If you stop in, take a moment to thank him as a business owner for supporting the right to carry.

Cupertino's New York Bagels and Deli (right by Big Al's Sports Bar)

3621A Cox Road, Richmond