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Thread: I want a non-resident license, what state would be the easiest.

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    The states I usually travel in other than my resident state of MS are AL, FL, LA, & TX. but usually once or twice a year, I find myself up in the northwest so that puts me travelling through OK, CO, NE, WY, MT, NM, UT & ID at times.

    What state has the easiest procedure for obtaining a non-residence CC permit that would work for most if not all of these states?

    Now, if I am on vacation, I will OC everywhere I can legally, but still would need a CC permit like when I travel through TX for instance.

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    Do you have a MS license? A resident MS license would allow you to carry in all states you listed except NV (I assume NE=NV) and NM. If you have a MS resident license, FL would probably be the easiest non-resident permit to obtain that would pick up NV and NM for you. Looks like it would also pick up ND, OH and PA for you.

    See to compare CC coverage. Be sure to note that several states only recognize resident permits.
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