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Thread: Please contact State reps to support HB 357 S1

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    Rep. Sandstrom has sponsored HB 357 this year. The first draft required a re-write so the bill is now at first substitute (the S1 in the official number). Bill details can be viewed at <>.

    This bill does three important things for RKBA:

    1-Legalizes the possession of a concealed firearm within your own home, business, or on other real property you own/control;

    2-Legalizes the possession of a concealed firearm within your own car or as a passenger in a car with permission of owner/controller;

    3-Legalizes the possession of a loaded firearm within your own car or as a passenger in a car with permission of owner/controller.

    As all here should know, current law governing transportation of firearms can be quite complex in terms of what is or is not loaded and what is or is not concealed vs securely encased. This bill clarifies all of that by allowing the lawful possession of a usable firearm within your own car. This brings Utah law on the matter into harmony with the law of most of the other States in the inter-mountain west.

    Utah's pro-gun organizations and individuals have been working to get this type of bill passed for several sessions now.

    This bill passed its House committee hearing this week without dissent (a few members absent) and will be voted on the full house floor as early as first thing tomorrow.

    Please, make a BRIEF and polite call tonight to your own representative asking him or her to support this bill. Contact info for legislators can be found at <> by selecting the "Legislative Contacts" link on the left side of the page.


    Some talking points are (select only one or two and be brief):

    1. This bill is important for Self-Defense in your own home and your car as currently you actually are required to have a CCW to concealed a firearm in your own home.

    2. We should have simple, clear laws on all issues concerning firearms. This bill greatly simplifies current law while fully respecting constitutionally enumerated rights.

    3. It does nor "require" the weapon be loaded or concealed, it simply allows for such.

    4. This would allow that the weapon be put out of reach and inaccessible in a glove box from the little crumb crunchers and not be visible to car prowlers in parking lots either.

    5. All of our contiguous states already allow this as statue and I personally have not heard of any patten of problems with otherwise lawfully possessed weapons being used against LEO or others.

    6. Law enforcement is already trained to expect a loaded accessible firearm in every car. This will not change anything there. The bad guys violate current law while good guys can too easily commit unintended, non-violent, technical errors that carry heavy penalties (up to Class A misdemeanor)

    7. Interesting to note 76-2-402 (4) vehicle burglary while the vehicle is occupied is a forcible felony, as such you may use deadly force to stop a person in the commission of a forcible felony. Hum,.... man trying to car jack you while your 2 yr old is in the back car seat. Now let me open the secure case and access and then load my only viable means of self-defense.

    8. Eliminates the situation wherein a spouse wthout a permit to carry gets into the other spouse' car who keeps a firearm in the glove box. Instant criminal act.

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    I contacted my Representative, Patrick Painter.

    If this makes it to the Senate, there is no need to contact my Senator (Madsen), he is rock solid!
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    Rep. Mascarocalledme todayand told me thathe is supporting this bill and will even speak for it if given the opportunity.

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    It passed the house this morning on a 65-8-2 vote. Now on to the Senate.

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