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Thread: Wall Street Jounal shows lack of backbone on guns

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    Managers at Cabela's Sporting Goods store in Phoenix called police when two men who bought 24,000 rounds of bullets there were seen loading their purchase into a car with Mexican license plates. A World News article Monday incorrectly described the rounds as 5.7 caliber because of the type of weapons recovered at the scene by police officers. Officials haven't indicated what caliber of ammunition was recovered from the purchase.
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    U.S. law-enforcement officials have seen a spike in heavy-caliber rifles heading to Mexico. A World News article Saturday incorrectly quoted William D. Newell of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives describing a spike in machine guns. "Machine gun" is a technical term for a classification of a firearm that doesn't describe the type of weapon he was referring to.
    George Orwell was entirely correct in Ninteen Eighty-four but for misspelling BOG Brother.

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