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Fatal Stabbing At Clayton Post Office Shocks Tiny TownPosted: 5:44 pm PST March 7, 2009Updated: 7:50 pm PST March 7, 2009
CLAYTON, Calif. -- [/b]Police in the East Bay city of Clayton are investigating that community's first homicide in 13 years.A man was reportedly stabbed to death in broad daylight at one of the city's most public places: the post office.Postal inspector investigators are in charge of this case - and they are revealing no information beyond the fact that there was a homicide at the Clayton Post Office Saturday morning.A friend of the victim said he was stabbed to death. The victim was in his seventies, a grandfather and resident of Clayton.And, many witnessed the suspect attempt to flee.The incident occurred at 11 a.m. Saturday, while parents were looking over their children at Clayton's town square park, where friends Sam Shore, Brandon Moore, and Jason Lee were playing.“We were all at the park, hanging out, having some fun and we heard a scream in the post office,” said Shore, a Clayton resident.“And this guy ran out of the post office with blood all over his arms and people chasing after him saying get him,” said Moore, also a Clayton resident.“I was scared because we were right there standing in front of him, like watching him,” said Lee, also from Clayton.Their account is backed up by other witnesses who say the bloody suspect left through a side door of the post office.Witnesses say a postal worker ran outside, called for help, and several adults from the park - which sits across the street - chased after the suspect.“He was running really slow compared to the rest of the guys,” said Moore.Witnesses say the suspect ran inside this bar less than a block from the post office. “About ten seconds later some guys throws him out,” said Lee.There, the good Samaritans held the suspect in place until Clayton police arrived. “I think they're brave,” said Lee. “I think they're brave for chasing him down.”Residents of Clayton - confronted by crime tape around their post office - were filled questions left unanswered. “They said it’s going to be closed all day...but Clayton? I don't know; this is a nice quiet little town,” said Jim Webb, a Clayton Resident of 32 years.It has been at least 13 years since Clayton had a homicide.Nothing yet has been released about the suspect or his motives.
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