In my continuing search for info about guns and ammo for defense during my "outdoor" pursuits i've been led to the Double Tap ammo website where I see Flat Point FMJ ammunition in various calibers touted as "THE load for the woods". How accurate is that assessment? It seems to me that penetrationis seen as a determining factor when choosing ammo for non-human threats and I'm trying to understand the "pros and cons" so to speak of FMJ FP when compared to JHP or even run of the mill FMJ. Are the FPs really that much better a choice? Does it really make that much of a difference? The "woods" loads seem to be the heavier of the choices so with my current guns I'd belooking at 147gr +P 9mm and 230gr 45 GAP as options."Light and fast vs. heavy and slow" argument anyone?

I'd love to be able to rationalize the purchase of a Glock 20 (I want a SF!) or a Ruger Alaskan but for my (currently) limited purposes I can't quite pull it off. If the use of FMJ FP ammo in theguns I currently own will be an advantage then I'll definitely pick some up but if the JHP and/or FMJs I already have are just as viable then I'll save myself the money and buy more of them instead.