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    Hey all,

    There are a few programs i use on my iPhone i'd like to share with you regarding the law. I have a seperate page just for these programs.

    The first one is "Constitution for iPhone" by Clint Bagwell Consulting. It is free and has the preamble,articles1-7,signers,amendments1-10 and 11-27 and proposed amendements.

    The second one i have is " Your Rights" by Cyrus Najmabadi. This program has ACLU information as well as quick tips on what to do when questioned/search warrants/ and the such by Law enforcements.

    The Third is very similar; "Know Your Rights" by Appropos. IT talks about what to do if you are stopped by police.

    The last one i got at a cost of 0.99$ . I got this program because my recorder had dead batteries and when i couldnt reach a friends voicemail in time to record my LEO one on one, i was a bit fustrated. It is called "Recorder" by Retronyms. I set mine to high quality and it picks up fairly well in an office enviroment. I have yet to test it outside, but at least it is something just incase my recorder has a "malfunction". I plan on using both on my next encounter.



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    Very interesting, thanks.

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