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Thread: where to get conciled wepons permit in bismarck

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    where do they hold classes for CCW permits in northdakota anyone with any info it would be appricated. as well as what i should expect from the class and what kind of fees are there

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    From the 2007 North Dakota pamphlet on Concealed carry, this pamphlet should be available from any police/sheriff department as well:



    Application Forms
    Application forms are available from the local police department, sheriff’s office, or by contacting the Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

    Minimum Age
    Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to apply for a permit.


    Applicants must take a written test from a concealed weapon permit test

    administrator. Local police departments or sheriff’s offices can provide

    information on test administrators in your area. The Office of Attorney

    General website also provides a list of civilian test administrators. The

    written test is open-book and consists of ten questions. You must get all

    questions correct.

    Testing Fees
    The maximum amount a test administrator may charge for the test is $25. If the applicant does not pass the written test on the first attempt, the test administrator may charge for each subsequent test.

    Signatures Required
    Applications must be signed by the Sheriff of the county in which the applicant resides. If the applicant lives in a city with a police department, the application must also be signed by the Chief of Police.

    Applicant Fees/Photos/Fingerprints:

    After successful completion of the written test, submit the completed

    application, two color photos (size 1” x 1¼”) and a check for $25 made

    payable to the “North Dakota Office of Attorney General” to your local law

    enforcement agency. The agency will review your application, obtain

    fingerprints, conduct a local records check, determine your ability to obtain

    the permit, and forward the information to the BCI.

    Record Checks at BCI
    BCI performs state and national records checks and processes applicant fingerprints through the regional Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS).

    Those Prohibited
    Concealed weapon permits may only be issued to those who legally may possess a firearm or dangerous weapon. Individuals may be prohibited by state or federal law from owning, possessing, or having a firearm under their control.

    Weapon Purchase/NICS Alternative:

    Because a National Instant Check System (NICS) background check is

    completed during the application process, the requirement for a NICS check

    for each firearm purchase is waived for North Dakota residents with a valid

    concealed weapon permit. The NICS number is printed on the permit. The

    weapon dealer may choose to accept the permit as an alternate to a NICS

    check. They are not required to use it as an alternative.

    Individuals who are not residents of North Dakota may apply for a North Dakota concealed weapon permit, but cannot use the permit as an alternate to a NICS check when purchasing firearms.

    North Dakota has “reciprocity” with some, but not all, other states. This means that a North Dakota concealed weapon permit is valid while in those states, and permits from those states are recognized as valid in North Dakota. BCI maintains a list of states with which North Dakota has reciprocity.

    Permit Period:
    Concealed weapon permits are valid for a period of three years.
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