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    I am a relatively new member to USCCA and I have found it to bea very informative forum on a variety of different subjects. I don't know Tim from Adam, and I especially don't care if he is marketing whiz. He offers a product (magazine and forum) that I find very helpful, full of information, and worth the price of admission. I especially like the forum and the members that have a lot of helpful information and a wealth of knowledge on lots of topics. The different forums have a lot of different topics ranging from concealed carry, reloading, guns and holsters, knives, lights, & gear, emergency preparedness, tactical situations, force on force situations, general discussion and off topic subjects. Members of the forum keep me abreast of a lot of laws coming down the pike that are anti 2nd and anit-gun and other political topics. I'm just pointing out thereare a lotof subjects that are covered by USCCA. The biggest asset of USCCA is that Tim and the moderatorshave notcut offdebate. They even let CharlesC rant on without cutting him off. I have to say that the members of USCCA did rally against CharlesC which is their perogative especiallywhen Charlesopened up with the flame thrower and his general attitude. That is another thing I like about USCCA forums, they not only believe in the 2nd Amendment, but also the 1st Amendment. A lot of other forums would have shut Charles and the members reaction to him down in a heartbeat. Instead, they let it play out and let members, including Charles, to exercise their right to free speech and reaction. USCCA has a money back guarantee and I hope that Charles gets his money back soon. All he has to do is ask for it.

    Charles, the fact you came on this forum and spread crap about another forum is just beyond low. We all need to unite against forces that would do us harm and we need every last bit of support from all organizations that have a common goal which is to defend the Constitution against those that would take our rights away from us. Even if they make money in the process. I don't need to belong to a tribe or an association to support that, just common sense.

    I am glad I found this forum and look forward to learning as much as possible.

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    There is a pre-existing thread on the USCCA scam

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