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Thread: Open Carry In El Paso TX

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    Hi all, brand new to this site, but I have some ideas. I am also new to the open carry movement.

    Anyways, I happened to look at the donation thermometer and saw that El Paso is the next major target area for pushing the open carry policy. I have some suggestions that may help us in our cause.

    As some of you may know, El Paso is a border town, with Juarez, Mexico only 10 to 15 minutes away from us. Having lived here most of my life, and now watching the rising crime rates in Juarez, I have personal friends who have been killed by the drug cartels in Juarez.

    If you check into the news, you will find that the death toll from these drug wars is over 1,000 since january of last year.

    So, Strategy time? I think so. We can use the obvious threat of the drug cartel violence which has already come into el paso with a number of local murders as a major reason to arm ourselves as a personal protection.

    I am all about this for the rights, but this poses a very real threat to me and my wife.

    Anyhow, Just some thoughts.

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    Welcome to OCDO!

    It is certainly our job to remind people that you can't ban crime because it's already illegal, rather you must level the playing field, and I think that's what unlicensed OC in El Paso could amount to.

    The main thing that has to be done, is people need to get active if open carry is to happen in Texas. Yes, I know, many of you are already, but the more the better.

    The nice thing you have in Texas, is many people have a solid understanding that one bullet in the hands of a good person has the same value as one dead bad guy.

    The not so nice thing is that in the southwest, few people are enthusiastic or eager to do much of anything quickly. Things are laid back. But if you can get the support of dozens or even hundreds of people, you can help make a real ruckus and get legislation moving more quickly.
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