Howdy, folks. I'm a member of KRRC (Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club) and they recently sent out a letter that outlines the impending transfer of the range property ownership from Washington DNR (Dept Natural Resources) to Kitsap County Parks. Some groups appear to be already organizing in an effort to squeeze out the range and turn the land over for their own preferred recreations.

Kitsap County is willing to pay lip service with a vague verbal agreement that would allow KRRC to keep the land to the end of the current lease. I think we're all familiar with the government's track record for keeping its word; and this is more than enough reason to ask for these provisions in writing.

For those of you who live in the area--even if you don't visit the range--this is an opportunity to DO SOMETHING rather than simply complain online about eroding rights. Please show up if you can!

Here is a pdf copy of the hearing notice and map of transfer lands. You can also visit the KRRC website for more info:

Dear Members and Supporters of KRRC,
We just recently received news that a proposed transfer of ownership of the land our ranges sit on from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to the Kitsap County Parks and Recreation is moving VERY fast!

Club representatives met recently with KC Parks Director Chip Faver, who would become our new landlord, and members of DNR to get informed on the process. There are many practical reasons for the land transfer, however, your Executive Committee has some very serious concerns based on a lot of information we have received, including having folks very much apart of the Parks planning process telling others that the range is being shut down!!!

We have proposed to purchase the land we set on, once County becomes the landowner, or at a minimum, provide use with a 15 year lease contract so that we can apply for the next grant cycle to drill a well, put in septic and a first class restrooms. We were told that a contract was not possible until after the transfer was complete. We were told that Parks will honor the current lease, which has approximately 9 years left on it. It seems that perhaps a letter of intent is the best we can hope for (which has 0.0 legal standing).

Due to being left out of the discussions, we have been behind the curve on this. Several Club members have been working tirelessly to get us up to speed. We are hoping to make a formal proposal, generally in the form presented below, to Commissioner Brown prior to the Wednesday hearing.

We want a contract! Words don't cut it. We have recently been told about a specific case where KC Parks took over other property and promised to honor the terms of a lease, and yet cancelled the lease with 5.5 years left on it.

Call EVERYONE you know, co-workers, family members, friends and etc. We need everyone we can get to show up in support of the KRRC ranges. The media will be there. One mountain bike group that wants our property, will be there in force. WE NEED 1000+ people showing up! Let's show up with enough numbers that they must get a larger venue to finish the meeting!

Next Wednesday, March 18th starting at 6pm. (be early if possible!)
Board of County Commissioners Chambers
County Administration Building
614 Division Street
Port Orchard, WA 98366

You can go to the KRRC home page and open a copy of the notice with a map of the land exchange area. We are on "S-2"

Be there! Bring your friends! Dress and act as the classy individuals you all are! Be polite!
Please take the time to shoot back an email with the number of folks that you believe you can muster to the hearing. We are printing up signs in support of succuring our ranges.
Marcus Carter - Executive Officer
Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club