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Thread: Obama administration's end run attacks on gun rights

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    "If you can’t ban the gun, dry up the ammunition supply. "

    More screed from that guy Workman, the Seattle Gun Rights Examiner

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    I provided this letter to my U.S. representative and senators (names changed as appropriate). All feel free to copy and use if you want. I did not intend to make the separation of citizens as civilians and police as non-civilians.

    Representative Perriello,

    It has come to my attention that the U.S. Department of Defense has directed that expended ammunition cases (“expended brass”) be destroyed and sold for use only as scrap, rather than be resold in the marketplace for civilian and police use as remanufactured ammunition. Expended ammunition cases can be sold for use as remanufactured ammunition at a much higher price than if they are simply destroyed and sold as scrap. The sale of expended cases to be used as remanufactured ammunition not only allows for the federal government to recoup money spent for purposes of training our defense forces, but also allows the expended cases to be quickly recycled as-is for many more uses as ammunition rather than being treated as scrap metal which would result in the federal government taking in far less money for the same product.

    From a fiscal standpoint, it is non-sensical that the federal government would waste my and my neighbors’ tax dollars selling expended ammunition as scrap to be destroyed, when it could be resold as-is in the civilian marketplace for use as remanufactured ammunition at a much higher price than scrap. From an environmental standpoint, requiring that expended brass be sold as scrap and preventing the D.O.D. brass from being sold for use as remanufactured ammunition ensures that more of our nation’s precious resources will be wasted to return the metals to a different re-usable form.

    In a time when many of my fellow Americans are looking for work this irresponsible directive from the Department of Defense will result in significant lay-offs at companies such as Georgia Arms, which purchases expended ammunition from the D.O.D. and remanufactures it as ammunition for use as practice rounds to be used by my fellow law abiding Americans and American police agencies. National ammunition supplies are already limited resulting in law abiding citizens and police agencies paying higher and higher prices for this ammunition. Requiring that D.O.D. expended cases be destroyed, rather than being sold for remanufacture as-is, will result in even higher prices due to less ammunition being available for purchase.

    Representative Perriello, this move by the anti-gun, anti-civil liberties Obama administration to further restrict the availability of ammunition is an attempt to bypass you as my representative and the rest of the U.S. Congress and punish with higher ammunition prices and potential unavailability those of use who would dare to claim our Constitutional liberties by lawfully owning and using firearms. Representative Perriello I expect you to hold the Obama administration accountable for this decision which will waste my tax dollars, my country’s precious natural resources and result in less ammunition available for law abiding gun owners like myself, my family and my neighbors. Representative Perriello if you do not stand up to the Obama administration on this issue you will make your point quite clear that you do not represent me, my family or my like-minded neighbors. I urge you to contact me if you have any questions regarding my position on this matter. I look forward to you representing my thoughts and opinions in the House of Representatives.



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