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Thread: Senate committee meeting on Mexican drug cartels

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    I was discussed last night as I watch C-span 2 recast of the committee meeting on Mexican drug cartels. The Senate committee had four people (US agents) they were questioning about it. Some from DEA, some anti-smuggling agency, the AG from Arizona.

    The committee members especially the anti-gun Senators (Fienstein) keep pushing the the false idea thaguns that are bought in the USA and smuggled into Mexico. She kept asking as did the other anti-gun Senators what gun laws do we need tostop this. And all the LEO’s that were questioned kept saying they have enough gun laws, and that very few guns are going into Mexico from the US. Fienstein even question the official report that stated the same. She said oh this must be wrong there has to be thousands of guns going over, not the few hundreds the report said. One of the DEA guys said that his experience has been that just a few go over in cars. One Senator wanted to know what we could do to guarantee that we could stop smuggling altogether…WTF…how can we stop smuggling? Come on you can’t, you can reduce it, but you can’t stop it….We really do elect some idiots.

    These anti-gun Senators kept bringing up the gun issue, saying are you sure we can’t make more gun laws, what about all those “gun dealers” selling more than one gun to a person, they must all be going into Mexico? And the agents kept deflecting the questions. Good for them, makes me feel a little better. It was really sickening how they kept rephrasing the question to get the agents to say they wanted more gun laws, they wouldn’t bite.They even asked about Military weapons that are being smuggled, and the agents said that VERY few are military weapons.

    The whole committee meeting was to try and get these agents to say that guns were the major problem, they kept telling them that it wasn’t and that most of the violence was one cartel killing the others, and very few Americans were harmed by the violence.
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    This is why I won't watch those's orders. My blood pressure just can't take it. :?

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    I watched a program on CNN a couple of days ago and they were interviewing Sen. Jim Webb from Virginia. They tried to rope him into the gun mess in Mexico. He said that the types of weapons showing up in Mexico cannot be purchased in the States. He went on to list some of those weapons which shut down that part of the interview. Now if only he sticks by his guns. No pun intended.

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