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Thread: NO to OC in state parks says governor

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    Our illustrious Governor Tim (he ain't Able) Kaine has scored another misfire.

    He has directed Joe Elton, the State Parks Director, that open carry is to remain banned in State Parks, regardless of a recent Attorney General's opinion that said such a ban was not enforceable.

    So he would force us to OC in restaurants, allow untrained Commonwealth Attorney's to CC and drink yet deny the constitutional right to carry in state parks unless we hide our tools of self-defense. Consistency and logical thinking are not his hallmarks.

    Someone needs to remind Kaine that unless something has been forbidden by statute, that the absence of a law to the contrary makes it legal. State preemption definitely needs to be strengthened.

    "Park visitors must have confidence that they can enjoy our parks without concern about the open carriage of firearms. Park personnel must be able to carry out their duties without fear about the use of firearms in an irresponsible or dangerous manner by persons who are not qualified to carry a concealed weapon."

    Can't find "without concern" or "without fear" in our enumerated rights. What we are doing here again is to limit the options of law abiding citizens while the criminal will continue to conceal his gun until he attacks - doesn't that cause you more "concern and fear" Governor?

    Thanks to VCDL for providing this info and link.

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    Grapeshot wrote:
    a recent Attorney General's opinion that said such a ban was not enforceable.

    There you have it.

    Carry On.


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