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Thread: Educated a Banker today...1st NM in Las Cruces

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    Part 1: I had to move some money today from one bank to another. I've begun making it a practice when I am working with significant amounts of $$ to OC. When I went into 1st NM bank today in Cruces, after I made my withdrawal, a bank manager approached me and asked if I was in law enforcement. I told her I wasn't. She asked if I had a badge. I said no. She explained that one of her employees had noticed my gun and that I had approached a teller (keep in mind what we all know, it was in a holster, secured). I looked at her in surprise and stated that it was state law, that open carry is completely legal almost everywhere including banks. In fact, only 5 or 6 states don't allow it. She then said that she thought I needed to be in law enforcement. I then restated that I didn't. She asked why I was carrying.

    I told her that in my job, I handle money, and I carry for my own protection.

    I encouraged her to call the local sheriff's office or city police and verify with them what I had told her. And then I bid her a good day and left.

    Part 2: I had a little bit of extra time today, so I went and pulled up the NM Constitution's appropriate statute. I printed it along with the page in Open Carry pertaining to NM. I took the copy by the bank and handed to the bank manager. I kindly pointed the law out to her and asked if she had a chance to call the local police. She said she didn't. She then asked what I would have done if someone had come in to rob the place when I was there. I told her if my life was threatened, I would defend myself. If someone else's was, I could legally choose to defend them too. I asked if she had armed security in the bank she said no. I told her it was my job to protect myself, especially since the bank was not going to do so, especially when I was handling money. I then bid her good day, again and left.

    By the way, when I went over to Wells Fargo across the street just after the first encounter, I was greeted with a smile, treated like any one else, and bid a good day with a smile by the greeter when I grilling...just a smile and a wave.

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    Well done, every drop in the bucket helps to fill it.

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