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    "Printing" is a term I despise, especially since some Floridians have been brainwashed into thinking that a bulge under one's clothes amounts to this "printing" and could subject one to arrest. This idea appears nowhere in the statute or the caselaw. Where do people get such nutty ideas?

    This case appears to hold that open carry is an all-or-none proposition. If any is concealed, all is concealed.

    Simon Sutton v. State, 1867

    This is fine with me. I'd like to strap on a bigger gun than those that are easily concealed. If I throw a shirt over a full-size gun in a holster, and the bottom of the holster is visible, part of the gun is certainly concealed.

    Interesting case. How odd that Florida went from a state that insisted on open carry to one that insists on concealed carry.

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    Simple answer....

    Just wear a bigger shirt or button up shirt, helps alot! Wrinkle clothes is more of a bigger help.

    When you carry a compact or fullsize compact firearm just wear a jacket and saves you any hassle!

    I carry my glock 19 or my sig and i will be down-grading to a subcompact pistol to save my any hassle from a LEO or especially a Uneducated LEO!

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