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Thread: Good OC event

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    I was over there in P.O. getting our new place ready for us to move into and needed a good ladder and a pole saw. Went to FM to do my shopping. Walked around the garden section. One other customer over there looking on the same aisle did seem to not want to get too close, but didn't comment. At the check out, an older gentleman that was ahead of the person in front of me, noticed and after the person in the middle checked out, he approached me and said "Can I ask you a question about carrying a gun? I keep hearing things about all these gun nuts." I said, "Sure, what do you want to know?" Him "Is it really legal?" I said "Yep, sure is. You can legally openly carry a firearm in the state of WA." Then I handed him a OC pamphlet and my business card. He seemed happy and walked away. The checker didn't seem to care that I was packing my SA XD Tactical.

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    Outstanding, sirpuma! Keep on educatin'.
    B.S. Chemistry UofWA '09

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    I've never had a problem anywhere on the peninsula. It's almost expected.

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