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Thread: So I finally started to OC... In town.

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    So I've always OC'ed out in the desert. Or should I say I've never been bothered with concealment? Might be a bit more accurate.

    However, I've finally gotten the nerve after lurking and posting here for a long while. 2 times out, no problems.

    First time I OC'ed at a gas station while fueling and getting stuff from the mini mart. Then I went out 4 wheeling, ended up meeting up and talking with a friend on North Virginia, way way way out in the boonies by all the storage yards. Lots of people drove by, no problems. G17 in an Uncle Mike's kydex, spare mag on the opposite hip under the shirt.

    Second time I got gas at the same station, different clerk when I went inside. Then I went to Sportsman's Warehouse. No problems with staff there. I was still a little nervous about it, so I didn't make it a point to directly walk past people or engage their attention, but I didn't try to hide. This time as a G27 in a Fobus paddle holster, spare mag opposite hip.

    Good, positive experiences overall. I think I'm going to get those OC pamphlets make all spiffy and glossy at Kinko's, carry a handful of them when I do. I still prefer CC, but I'm thinking I'm not afraid to OC now, and might do it more often.

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    Next time you're over this way, let me know and we'll go for a walk, get a bite to eat and maybe do some shopping. All the while OC.

    No problems here yet. And I've been making it a point to do so on a regular basis.


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