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Thread: Wisconsin Law Enforcement asociations

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    Below are the more influential law enforcement associations in the State. Included is contact information. I have contacted each of them over the past couple of years. None have seen fit to reply to me. Perhaps contact from more of us members might elicit a response, especially now when the Krause and Gonzales incidents are fresh. It might be more effective to approach law enforcement at thier association level than individually. I don't know if we will get any results but we must keep the momentum going. The one thing law enforcement wants to happen with the Krause, Gonzales and even Vegas cases is for them to quietly drift off into the sunset.

    Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association. Contact:

    President: David M. Banaszynski


    Wisconsin Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs Association Contact:

    President: R.J. Lurquin


    Badger States Sheriffs Association Contact:

    President: David Graves

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    You might find the most sucess with the Sheriffs Association. The Illinois Sherriff's Association recently voted unanimously at a meeting (60 votes, Illinois has 102 Sherriffs) to support Conceal Carry Licensing in Illinois. This was a first. A new Association President was elected who supports carry.

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