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Thread: Can a LAC carry in a vehicle, home or public place...

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    Hay all!

    I am curious...

    Can a person in Washington with a CCW Permit/License carry a HG in a home, vehicle or public place that is considered lawful if that person is with another person who was once convicted of a felony over 10 years ago?


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    There is no crime that I am aware of that prohibits a non-felon from possessing a gun, merely because the non-felon is in the company of a felon.

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    No, you can carry around a felon, not a problem. That felon just cannot obtain control of your pistol, so don't show it off and hand it to them, cause then you would be breaking the law, knowingly allowing a felon to possess, however briefly, a firearm. Keep it on your person and secure when you are around this person, and you won't have any trouble.

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