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Thread: E-Mail Gov. Timmy - Ask him to support the Anti- REAL ID Bill

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    From Delegate Bob Marshall:

    Urge Governor to sign Anti Real ID bills

    HB 1587, which would prevent Virginia from formally co-operating with the federal government’s Real ID card if it would “compromise the economic privacy or biometric data of any resident of the Commonwealth” passed the House of Delegates and State Senate. SB 1481 (Sen. Cuccinelli) is identical to HB 1587 and also passed the General Assembly.

    Gov. Kaine has until midnight, Monday, March 30 to sign, amend or veto HB 1587 and SB 1481. The Assembly will re-convene on April 8 to consider any amendment or vetoes from the Governor for all bills passed in the 2009 regular legislative session.

    For background on Real ID please go to

    Please urge Governor Tim Kaine to sign both HB 1587 and SB 1481 WITHOUT any amendments. Gov. Kaine may be contacted at the following:

    Office of the Governor
    Patrick Henry Building, 3rd Floor
    1111 East Broad Street
    Richmond, Virginia 23219


    Phone: (804) 786-2211
    Fax: (804) 371-6351

    His form e-mail is available at

    E-mail for Governor Kaine’s Chief of Staff, Wayne Turnage, is The same for SB 1481 may accessed at


    Delegate Bob Marshall

    What I wrote to Timmy:


    Real ID will cost the Commonwealth in our budget, in our sovereignty and with respect to the personal liberty and privacy of our citizens.

    I urge you to take a stand against this unfunded federal mandate and assert the rights of the Commonwealth.

    Please sign the anti REAL ID bill.


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