So I did some research, the Midland Community Center is owned by the City. Though, what makes this interesting is there is a Day Car in a smaller building attached, with main access through seperate doors. But there are ways to go from the Day Care directly into the community center. Makes it interesting as to whether I can or cannot carry there.

The other thing, I have been in some internal customer training the past couple of days. And i think the word has now spread that I carry all the time. Well, we had to do question interview thingy's so we were trying to come up with where I was the Customer (internal employee with question) and the other person was the employee.

So we got on the topic of me carrying, and I asked if the parking area was considered bank premise. Which it is, but then I questioned the other area, since it is leased and not owned. again stated as premise. but as she said... "as long as you keep it locked in your car and do not carry within the bank you should be fine"

So now, she's going to question a couple other people, but it looks like I may be able to have my pistol as the very least in my vehicle while I am at work!!! :-D

sql... sorry... i forgot to question about an actual customer carrying into the bank. but after i get a response from her on that, i'll double check and let you know basically putting it to her this way... "if customers are allowed to openly carry within the bank, within the law of the state, i know people that would love to open accounts here"

and one of our main things right now is to increase our deposits and new accounts. so, it might work. its a great bank and doing very well financially! :-)