A robot sent into a Volusia County home by the SWAT team found a man and woman dead and a possible explosive device while looking for a police shooting suspect Wednesday night.

SWAT team members moved in closer to the house Wednesday evening where officials believed the suspect was holed up.

About 7 p.m., the Volusia County Sheriff's Office confirmed that they shot tear gas into the home, where they believe 38-year-old Brian Langford is hiding. At about 9 p.m., a robot was sent into the home to investigate.

At a press conference late Wednesday, Volusia County Sheriff Ben Johnson said the male body is believed to belong to Langford. He said the female body was likely that of Langford's girlfriend, Cindy Henderson.

However, investigators said they can't identify the bodies for sure until they can disarm what looked like a bomb detonator near Langford's body.

Langford is the man whose apparently suicidal rants to his ex-wife began the events on Wednesday morning that left an Orange City police officer shot and might be connected to a body found in a Deltona area pub that he owned with his girlfriend.

Law enforcement officials identified the wounded officer as Sherif El-Shami, who has worked for Orange City since September 2007 and is 26 years old. He was transported to Halifax Medical Center in Daytona Beach and reported to have vision impairment from the shooting.

El-Shami was checking on the well-being of Langford after his ex-wife reported he appeared suicidal earlier Wednesday.

El-Shami was the first officer at the home in the Orange City area on East University Road when gunfire erupted, Volusia County law enforcement officials said. El-Shami told his colleagues he heard four gunshots, and one shattered the window of his cruiser.

Other officers were able to pull El-Shami to safety and take him to the hospital.

All day, SWAT team members were sweeping the woods around the home and blocking off a 2-mile area around the house looking for the shooter. By afternoon, the sheriff's office said found a man shot dead at Dixie's Pub in Deltona and said it is related to the earlier shooting. His name has not been released, though Johnson said in Wednesday's press conference that it's likely the body belonged to Lanford's stepson, Lou Adams.

She and other friends here at the pub believe it is Adams who's inside, shot dead. Police are not releasing an identity. Adams and Bryan Langford, the shooting suspect, had a stormy relationship.

Friends said Langford and Adams had a stormy relationship.

"They were always fighting," friend Jessica Denney said.

Adams worked at the bar for Langford and Langford's girlfriend.

"It's sad to think he's lying in his own blood," said Adams' friend, Wade Lann.

Friends said Langford loved guns, wore camouflage and talked of committing suicide by firing at police.

Friends said they think Langford killed Adams before going to his house and shooting the police officer.

Orange City Elementary School was placed on lockdown and children were kept at the school past their usual dismissal time. Students from several other schools were not allowed to be dropped off on bus routes near the shooting scene.

Volusia County law enforcement officials said the incident began when officers throughout the county were looking for someone who may have had mental health issues. Lake Helen police put out information for everyone to be on the lookout for someone in camouflage clothing who had made a threat against himself, saying something like, "My life is over today."

Law enforcement officials now believe that man was Langford. They said he visited his ex-wife at a store in Lake Helen. He appeared to her to have a weapon, so she called police.

The sheriff said teams will secure the house Wednesday night by letting the gas clear. Police blew up the possible bomb detonator. No one was injured.

Thursday morning, they'll go in to search and identify the bodies.