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    I ask a cop yesterday 3/25/09 and he said open carry in Independence was illegal.

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    That LEO was uneducated and ignorant of the laws he is sworn to uphold,typical of most.....
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    James357 wrote:
    I ask a cop yesterday 3/25/09 and he said open carry in Independence was illegal.
    Never, never ask a LEO whether something is legal or not......unless you just are taking a survey.

    Their response is worth exactly what you paid for it and will do you no good if you follow it and find yourself wearing new jewelry about your wrists compliments of another friendly officer.

    Do your own research, read the laws and know them, seek council when needed and you are still on your own until after the fact - then stop talking and make your phone call.

    Just my $0.02 worth.

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