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Thread: NEED: NFA Trust Lawyer in Las Vegas

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    Does anyone have any recommendations for a lawyer in the Las Vegas area who's familiar with NFA Trusts? I'm looking to set one up to purchase an SBR and am not sold on the Quicken Willmaker route. Thanks!

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    I would talk with the guys/Owners @
    The Gunstore( Bob)
    American Shooter's (Ron/Froman)
    Discount Firearms (Mike/Anna)
    Center Mass (Leon the Owner doesn't allow OC from what I am told)
    Machine Gun Kelly's (if they are still open)
    There are probably other shops I'm just not familiar with them.
    They can probably steer you in the right direction.

    The person I used no longer practices in NV.

    If Bob isn't available ask for Tony D @ the Gunstore.

    You could always stop by a sub gun match @ Desert Sportsman's and ask those guys/gals who they used.

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