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Thread: Pro-gun LTE in Washington Post explains why Congress must preempt DC on gun control

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    Handguns in the District
    Friday, March 27, 2009; Page A16

    D.C. Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray's statement that the District "met the requirements of the Supreme Court decision" in District of Columbia v. Heller [letters, March 25] was only half right. While it is true that shortly after Heller the council repealed most prohibitions on registering guns, it reversed itself in December and banned the registration of many models of guns common in America, including guns like the one that the court ordered the District to register for Mr. Heller.

    As a result, D.C. police are denying residents the right to register guns that are lawful to possess in every state, often on the basis of silly criteria such as a gun's color ["Handgun's Color Leads to Lawsuit," Metro, March 10]. And that's why Congress must preempt the District on gun control.

    The writer is co-founder of

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    Quite right, Mike, it is time to bring in the "BIG" guns! it is incorrect for any city, county, state, or DISTRICT, to snub their noses at the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT for any reason!

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