Well we are staging for tomorrow's meeting.Manu has a great lunch planned,we will also have hot dogs .Safeway has hooked us up with pies,cakes soda's ,water etc. The Starbucks I go to in the mornings even kicked in a couple of pounds of coffee.The kids are welcome as well! I put together treat and toy grab bags for the kids and we have many cool prizes to draw for.Many others have indicated they are coming as well.To find out about and support or neighborhood and our 2nd ammendment.

Officer Reynolds of the Seatac PD will be hereand will do a short spiel on neigborhood watch,gangs and has some great pamphlets to hand out.Info we can apply to all of our neighborhoods.He is also open and supportive to open carry andis willing to answer questions.Thanks to him for the support.There may be officers from other areas participate in support as well depending on their schedules.

We may have media attention and Dave Workman indicated he may write this up if we can get him some pics of the event.So the most important thing we can do to promote our 2A is for as many as possible to drop by and have lunch and get into the discussions, meet new people and have a great time.!!!

See ya all tommorrow....... Kicks off at 11 AM

Willow lakes Apts. 3002 S 208th St. Seatac. off of pac hwy.Parking on the street and directly across from the entrance at Angle lake locksmith. Meet in the Cabana adjacent to the leasing office.It will be marked by an American flag and balloons.If anyone needs further info PM me and I'll give you my number in case.