Thought I would pass these on. Usually it's old news compared to what shows up here. A couple of them are, but I found this interesting.

In addition to the legislation mentioned last week, NRA is working with State Representative Mark Hilton (R-96) and State Senator Andrew Brock (R-34) to introduce “Castle Doctrine” self-defense bills, which will seek to allow law-abiding citizens to use the force they deem necessary against a violent criminal attacker to protect themselves wherever they have a legal right to be. The bill also providescivil immunityfor those who defend themselves from criminal attack.

Please contact your State Legislators and respectfully urge them to cosponsor “Castle Doctrine” self-defense legislation when it is introduced and to support passage of this critical reform. Contact information can be found here.

Did not know about them trying to take away handgun permits either.

On Tuesday, March 24, State Senator Doug Berger (D-7) introduced Senate Bill 782, which would repeal the law requiring people to get a permit from their sheriffs to purchase a handgun. SB 782 has been assigned to the Senate Committee on Commerce, where it has yet to be assigned a hearing. Please begin contacting your State Senator, to thank him or her for signing on as a co-sponsor or urge them to do so as a show of support of this necessary bill

They mention the parks and restaurant carry in the above page also. We need to keep up with these and get on them as soon as they show up on the radar!