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    So I was checking out after hearing about it on another site. Omegle is a place where you can have a completely anonymous conversation with a complete stranger.

    And here's how the convo went:

    Connecting to server...
    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    Stranger: bacon?
    You: and eggs.
    You: or
    Stranger: 9mm or 45acp
    You: I shoot 9
    You: Glock 17
    Stranger: ewww glock
    You: it goes bang.
    Stranger: those blow up you know
    You: not in my 11 years of owning it
    Stranger: when it blows up. God made the 1911 and gave it to John browning to give to the world
    You: My Kimber works great too.
    Stranger: ok we can be friends
    Stranger: ok here is one for you .223 or 7.62?
    You: tough choice, but I'll go .223 due to how easy it is to find in stores.
    Stranger: fair enough. arfcom?
    You: not a member but I frequent
    Stranger: lol, thats where this was posted we are hammering the site right now.
    You: ah. did not know
    You: I'm on a lot
    Stranger: Never been to that one. I goto because I live in iowa of course
    You: aha.
    You: opencarry is about... open carry. haha.
    You: as opposed to concealed carry
    Stranger: Must be in TX?
    Stranger: Not too many open carry states
    You: TX is one of 6 states that open carry isn't legal
    You: believe it or not
    Stranger: TX I knew the others i am going to guess at
    Stranger: Virgina
    Stranger: Utah
    Stranger: Montana
    Stranger: Wyoming
    You: you heard me wrong
    You: TX it's NOT legal
    Stranger: really?
    You: there are 44 where it is legal
    You: including iowa
    Stranger: I am not sure I want to test that theory
    You: hah, check the info on the site
    Stranger: looking now
    You: In Iowa: Firearms may be openly carried in cars only with a permit/license.
    You: that's the only limitation I can find listed on the state page
    Stranger: the permit would be a ccw. It is illegal to have a loaded firearm in your car otherwise.
    You: right
    You: check out the forums
    You: it's been tested and proven, and even commented on by Attorney generals in many states
    Stranger: hmm i will have to read further on it'
    You: spread the word. a right un-exercised is a right lost!
    Stranger: will do, I am going to link it up on our hometown forum
    Stranger: I will let you go, I am now looking at that site.
    Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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    I was over at when they started hammering that site. Kept me occupied for a long time reading through all the ridiculous conversations people had.

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    It's a pretty amazing conversation. I'll have to check the place out. I'd bet that was one in a million. And good sell on ocdo

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    Right now, 4chan is swarming that site.

    Unless you like chatting about kiddy porn, anal sex, and camwhores, I'd avoid it for a few days.

    (Hey, I said avoid it you two, get off of there!)

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    hahahaha. Yeah Ed!

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    Connecting to server...
    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    Stranger: Wild ABRA uses TELEPORT!
    Wild ABRA fled the battle!
    Your conversational partner has disconnected.


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