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Thread: Adopt-A-Roadway Program

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    This is started to keep the BBQ thread clear of anything that doesn't have to directly do with the BBQ.

    Here is the information I have so far:

    Westminster has streets available to adoption around Sheridan between 104th and 112th. The commitment they ask for is once a month for a year. They will post a sign with our organizations name on the road side. I will try to check out other cities as well.

    State adopt a highway program run a little differently. They ask for a 1-2 year commitment to pick up trash 2-4 times a year depending on the size of the section of highway picking up. The state has more training than the Westminster pick up which includes having to meet up and watch a video about identifying Meth Waste and what to do about it. For this however I need spaces from people that have highway available for adoption. It appears to me that the state does not have a list of spaces available to clean up and we would need to spot out that space ourselves.

    So fire away here with any questions or comments you have for me or would like me to forward on to the state and/or cities we want to try to adopt streets from.

    Also for my peace of mind I will start a list here of people who volunteer to help us do the trash pickup.

    1. Bebop

    2. ecgoin

    3. PikesPeakMtnMan (if the location is correct) Yes?

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    Yes, I'm in conditionally. In my current situation (unemployed) I have PLENTY of time to help out, but only around the Springs. Hopefully my situation will change soon, though.
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    Some recon pics of the Sheridan Westminster location.

    The first 2 are looking north from 105th. 112th is the second traffic light at the strip mall on the right side of Sheridan. My truck is in a parking space (sorta) with 104th in the background.

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