As madness takes over the in-power political elite here in America, in Canada it seems as though they’re coming to their senses.

The federal government introduced a bill in the Senate on Wednesday to abolish the long-gun registry.

“It’s totally inefficient and ineffective against crime,” Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan, told reporters on Parliament Hill.

“We believe the long-gun registry as a device simply does not work … It’s a misdirection of resources,” he said.

“I know there are a lot of members in the NDP, some members in the Liberal Party who have shared that view, who campaigned on that view, have spoken publicly on that view and we hope to achieve their support for that.”
The bill has just been introduced in the Canadian Senate, and there’s a lot of opposition to it, but even so. That this is even on the agenda in Canada is surprising.

And the people behind it are right, too. For years now researchers at places like the American CDC, for instance, have found absolutely no evidence to suggest that gun control is at all tied to reductions in crime rates. Gun control isn’t about safety or crime. It’s about, well, control. And people who just can’t stand the idea of their neighbors living freely.