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    So you want to OCor CC but can you handle it with all thedrugs ?

    Let's make a law that list all of the criminal's drugs used and the levels present at the time of the crime in the criminal's system . This list will include prescription and legal drugs . What Prescription meds. were the Columbine shooters on ?

    Should we keep our spirit of discernment as sharp as possible ? Should we allow our senses to be dulled ? What street drugs was the brother that decapitatedhis7 year oldsister taking last week ?

    The knives , guns , cars , hammers , or the back of the toilet's tank lid are not killing people . Could it be the caffeine in Orange Crush soda pop to get kids hooked ? Could it be the Ridlin medication given to our little boys ?

    We have to keep ourselves as drug free as possible and make sure that it is drugs that are blamed for the crime and not a pair of scissors if applicable .

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    Interestingly enough I was actually talking about this to my wife the other day. If all the kids that are supposetly ADHD or in other words, full of energy, are on prescribtion meds to calm them down for some ungodly reason, are they mentally impaired? Legally I mean?

    I mean kids are supposed to be full of energy, it's part of being young and youthful, it's not wrong to be energetic, perhaps they don't do well in public schools, because public schools suck b*lls at teaching children how to learn and solve problems, instead turning them into mindless supressed zombies that repeat what they have been told to repeat unless they wish to be labled crazy or a terrorist or ADHD.

    Could we possibly be allowing the system to wipe out the 2A rights of a whole generation just so that the kids will sit still for 8 hours of programming every day ?

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