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Thread: Stolle confirms he'll run for sheriff

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    State Sen. Ken Stolle, R-Virginia Beach, this morning made it official: He'll run for Virginia Beach sheriff this fall and leave the legislature if elected.

    "This represents a huge new challenge," said Stolle, who has served in the state Senate since 1992 and plans to file his candidate paperwork with the local registrar today.

    In an interview with The Virginian-Pilot today, the long-serving legislator also disclosed that he has Parkinson's disease, a degenerative neurological disorder that can impair motor skills.

    Stolle, 54, said the diagnosis was not a major factor in his decision to run for sheriff, which is motivated by a desire to return to law enforcement.

    "What Parkinson's has done is it's made me re-evaluate my priorities, where I want to be in two year, five year, ten years," said Stolle, who revealed that he was diagnosed with the condition three years ago and is taking medication to manage it.

    A onetime Virginia Beach police officer, Stolle said he will continue to be a fixture in Richmond when the General Assembly meets, lobbying for the city.

    "As I've talked to other legislators, I've told them that the only other difference as far as next session is concerned besides me not having a vote ... is that I'll have a gun on my side," he said.

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    Why doesn't he have a gun on his side anyways?

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    One needs a CHP to carry in the GAB.

    Stolle probably carries on his retired LEO credentials (just guessing) which do not fly in the GAB.

    When elected (how's that for positive thinking?) he will be active-duty LEO, which gets around the carry rules in the GAB.

    stay safe.

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