I made my first post on here discussing my soon to be trip to NC.

On my way, I was at the airport in plenty of time for my flight. Once I arrived, I was met by a 1.5 hr line to check in with a person. It appears that I was flying at the end of spring break, so a lot of children were flying without adults. Anyway, I got to the front of the line around 30 minutes before my flight. The window lady had no problems with my firearms (I had two Glocks <23, 27> both in a single box, slides removed from frames). I handed it to the TSA agent who was unconcerned with the firearms. I got held up in security (separate story, but I have a bullet and casing I wear as a necklace and I had security guard Colombo who was sure I was going to use it as a weapon of mass destruction), but made my plane without issue.

I arrived in RDU only to arrive without my luggage. I spoke to the 'lost luggage' folks. They wanted to know if I had anything valuable in my bag. When I let them know about the firearms I got a nice little :what:. I guess they don't like to loose those.

Anyway, the next day they let me know my bags had arrived, and I had to pick them up before midnight (Friday). I kindly let them know I was 2 hours away, and would pick them up on Sunday, when I flew out. The person on the phone said, I wasn't able to leave it there, as it was a firearm , and they would be forced to ship it to me for $97, or send it to Dallas with the unclaimed luggage. I again kindly let them know that I was going to pick it up on Sunday, when I flew out, I hung up the phone.

Sunday, I arrived at the airport, and sure enough, the big bad firearms were sitting in the airport. I let the Southwest employee know I was going to need to check that the contents arrived in tact prior to flying out again. She took a look at me like I was going to pull the pin on a weapon of mass destruction... I let her know that my firearms are the ones like police use, not like the ones criminals use... I was being sarcastic, but I think that helped :?.

Anyway, I'm back in Florida. I have my firearms back, but I am back in a state that requires me to keep it in my pants (so to speak) .

Oh well...