3701 S. Pine Street ( The Old Costco building)

4pm I arrive at HQ's and looked for weapons signage, none present. I walked into the main room and found all the doors marked "Official Personal Only." I went up to the glass booth and told the Officer who I was there to see and if I was to check my weapon with him. I was told by the officer that yes, he would be the one to receive it. He asked if I was presently armed and I replied in the negative. I asked how it was to be handed over and was told they preferred it be holstered and no round in the chamber. He took a phone call and I looked around and saw no clearing barrel, nor did the opening under the glass look big enough for a holstered weapon. He was the only one there at the time and three back to back calls came in. I did have a copy of RCW 9.41.300 in my back pocket to present to him with more questions but my appointment arrived and I did not get back with him.

I have another meeting in a week with CPS and will be sure to ask more questions.

edit: I was not carrying at the time all I had was a empty leather 1911 & dual mag holsters. Weapon was secured elsewhere.